Hospital Assistance

In 1984, a half-built house in Temeke was purchased by the Mission with the view to use it as a free Health Clinic for the benefit of the general public. Haji Abbas Alloo (of Toronto, Canada) donated about half of the cost. The rest was raised from general donation. Mr. Akhtar Nayani did the decoration work without charging any labor cost.  Through the efforts made by Brother Habib Gulamali Damji to get approval for the dispensary from the Ministry of Health, an approval letter was obtained. Doctors and staff were employed,  equipment was purchased, medicine and other necessary paraphernalia was arranged; and dispensary began to serve.

Since that time, Bilal continued his aid in hospital assistance and with the ever-rising need of medicine in the local hospitals, distributing medicine is incorporated with the activities of the Mission.

Blood donation in Mwanza has been an annual event in which Bilal Muslim Mission volunteers register to donate blood.

Assistance to burn patients and premature ward in Mount Meru,Arusha region together with medicinal support to prisoners has been commended by the Local Authorities.