Eye Camps

Bilal’s real aim is to bring light into darkness.As a manifest symbol of this spiritual endeavor, he is helping the physically blind to see . Thus, Bilal’s Eye Camps have the fore front in the medical assistance field.

At first, the Mission covered the Bagamoyo area and by mid-1980’s about 1100 patients were screened. Thirty needed cataract surgery and were called to Dar es Salaam for operation. The rest were given spectacles – free of charge. Success of these initial efforts caused  geographical expansion. By 1987, Ikwiriri (in Rufiji area)  benefited from the Bilal’s Eye Camps.

Since then, hundreds of people attend the eye camps held each year to receive free medical attention which is provided; 12 in Dar es Salaam and and 6 eye-camps in Arusha region. The assistance of qualified doctors and surgeons has reached as far as Kilwa in the south, Pemba in the east, Dodoma in the west and Tanga in the north of the country to provide the needed medical attention and care to our patients.

A target has been set to perform 500 cataract operations and to screen  6000 patients per annum, providing  medication and spectacles where necessary; and in order to enhance health awareness among students, screenings will be held in schools starting this year.

In 2009, 14 eye-camps were held by Bilal Muslim Mission and 3844 patients were screened.

In 2010, 9 eye-camps were held by Bilal Muslim Mission and 8993 patients were screened.

Bilal Muslim Mission takes a step further and performs post operation checkup; and when a happy smile appears on face of an old lady as she can see again, it’s like Bilal has got its reward, and all travail is washed away.