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tanga maulid 3

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania – Tanga Branch organized Grand Maulid ceremony to celebrate the Birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) on the 23rd of January 2016.

The graduation ceremony was also held alongside the Maulid ceremony in Tanga for the final year students who graduated end of last year (2015).

The Guest of Honour at the Ceremony was the Mufti of Tanga City and Head of Bakwata (Tanga) Sheikh Juma Ali Luwuchu.

He represented the Mufti of Tanzania Alhaj Abubakar Zubeir who due to health reasons; could not take part in the occasion.




Several Islamic institutions in the region were represented at the function, they included, Maawal Islamiya, Shams-ul-Maarifa, Shiita, Muzdalifa, Muassasatul-Ahlulbayt and Sayyid Shuhadaa Foundation.

Also present was the District Commisioner of Tanga City, Mr. Abdallah S Lutavi, who stressed on the importance of acquiring knowledge in his speech while congratulating the graduates for successful completion of their courses.

On behalf of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania – Tanga Branch, we extend our heartiest congratulations to all those who have successfully completed their courses and graduated from the Hawza, we wish them successful career – Ameen.

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