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On Thursday, 24th December 2015 (12th Rabbiul Awwal 1437), ladies from the Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania joined their fellow muslim women in grand celebration of Milad-un-Nabii (SAWW) which was also an opportunity to build stronger bonds amongst the Muslim women of Tanzania from different faiths and backgrounds on a common platform of unity to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the birth of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAWW).

The Interfaith Milad celebration was organized by the Organizing Committee of Muslim Women from different organizations and held on a grand scale at Diamond Jubilee Hall, Dar es Salaam.

The Guest of Honour was Hon. Mama Asha Rose Migiro. The BMMT ladies had the opportunity to meet and exchange greetings with her on this joyous occasion as well as take part in the colorful and lively celebration.

Hon. Mama Asha Rose Migiro in her eloquent address appreciated the ‘coming together’ of Muslim women from different communities and from varied backgrounds on a common platform to celebrate such an important event. When introduced as the Guest of honour she modestly said the Guest of Honour today is Mtume Muhammad (SAWW) – All honors and salutations is for The Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself.

The outcome of this heart-warming event was an inspiration to the BMMT Ladies Board members to look into organizing similar programmes to reciprocate as well as further strengthen ties with fellow Muslim women in Tanzania, besides this will also promote the BMMT vision to develop good working relationships to achieve our common goals.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania urges our community ladies to join hands with other Muslim Ladies in building stronger bonds of unity and togetherness.


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