By on December 24, 2015
During the recent official visit of BMMT Chairman Alhaj Riyaz Nasser and Vice Chairman Alhaj Mehboob Somji to Mwanza where they visited Manthare, Malya, Kisesa Kona villages and  Mwanza Bilal bookshop saw that the challenges could be eliminated by some simple help and assistance from  various donations, which can be seen in the following pictures:
Bilal Islamic Book Shop – Upgrading of Religious Books
During their visit, they had committed for the upliftment of two families in Malya Bilal Branch whereby they were assisted with sewing machines and more families will be taken care of  in next phase inshallah.
In Kisesa Kona branch,  families were assisted with starting a husbandry project, and explained procedures on how to develop their  scheme. A total of 7 families have benefited from this project so far, and when the year ends, an inspection will be done to determine whose herd is biggest, healthiest and most promising.

They got an opportunity to visit ISENGA D Primary School students where they donated exercise books to encourage them to persevere in their studies. The students happily received the books with much enthusiasm.

The Chairman of Bilal Muslim Mission- Lake Zone, on behalf of recipients convey sincere appreciation to the BMMT Chairman and his Managing Committee for their timely assistance. Their visit motivated and uplifted the Bilal Community members  and bonded them with the leadership in a joyful spirit.

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