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The International Day of Quds 2015 was commemorated as every year under the auspices of Bilal Muslim Mission in collaboration with various Shia Institutes of Dar es Salaam on 23rd of Mahe Ramadhan 1436 A.H corresponding to 10th July 2015.
The procession started from Kichangani Mosque situated on Morogoro Road at 9 AM and ended at the Kigogo peoples ground with lectures and Salaatul Juma’a.
The publicity for this event was flashed out on banners fixed at various vintage points around the city. It was also announced on various radio stations besides its advertisement in the news papers.To relay the message of the International Day of Quds for the masses various placards carried related messages. To this effect T Shirts were also distributed to the participants.

QUDS PROCESSIONApart from this, during the walk leaflets carrying the messages on the oppressed people around the globe with atrocities committed on them was imparted.Speeches were also delivered during the walk elaborating not only on the oppression witnessed around the globe but also the injustices in the name of democracy.


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The academic seminar was held at the prestigious Karimjee Hall on Saturday 5th July, 2015. The retired President HE Alhaj Ali Hassan Mwinyi confirmed his participation as the Guest of Honor. Due to the plenary session to select Presidential Candidate at Dodoma of CCM on the same day as the academic Seminar,the Chief Guest HE Alhaj Ali Hassan Mwinyi had to cancel his appointment with us and opted to send Chief Sheikh of Dar es Salaam region as his representative for our Seminar.

seminar quds


Guest of Honor and dignitaries watching a clip that the KSIJ- DAR Development Society boys made on the atrocities and inhuman acts of the Zionist regime

Prominent speakers for this day were given relevant dynamic topics to enlighten the audience. We had the honor of top table participation of HE the Ambassador of Palestine, HE the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, HE the acting Chairman of Tanzania / Palestine Solidarity Committee, The Chief Sheikh of Dar es Salaam region, The Chairman of TIC and the Cultural Attaché of Islamic Republic of Iran.










Various dignitaries including Ambassadors of The Sultanate of Oman, Sudan and Rwanda & Professors, political dignitaries, Church leaders, University students and general members of the public participated with their contribution during the group discussion wherein a powerful Resolution denouncing the atrocities and injustices around the globe were expressed by the participants and duly signed as unanimously approved for publication.


seminar quds3Ambassador of Iran, HE  Dr. Yasin Mohamed Ali contributing during the group session, and participants from Kairuki University


This Resolution was also published in both prominent English News papers of The Daily News (TZ) dated 14th July, 2015 and The Guardian (TZ) dated 16th July, 2015.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania thanks all the collaborated institutions for their support against oppression and injustice around the globe.

We are grateful to Africa Federation and all the donors for supporting Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania for such programs.

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