Renowned Speaker Al-Hilli visits Hawza

By on July 15, 2015

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli who was invited to Dar es salaam by the KSI Jamaat to address the community during the first 2 weeks of Holy Ramadhan paid a courtesy visit to Hawzatul Bilal in Temeke.

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He was introduced to teachers by the Head of Tabligh, Syed Arif Naqvi and the pictures show the happiness on all faces.
Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli has appeared on many TV and Radio programs in UK and published widely in newspapers and magazines.
He has delivered lectures across the world on themes ranging from Spirituality, Quranic Sciences and Ethics. In addition he has a Masters degree in Pharmacy from the University of London.
His most recent work focuses on organizing Ziyrat trips, promoting inter-intra faith programs and activities for the youth.
He was very pleased to meet the youth at Hawza and presented a lecture on Akhlaqiyaat. He also encouraged to youth to concentrate on their studies at it is a divine cause.


Sheikh Al-Hilli has also completed an MA in Islamic Studies from Middlesex University (via Islamic College). He is also a teacher at the Hawza Program at Islamic College, London.
Sheikh Al-Hilli is currently continuing his studies in the holy City of Najaf.Once again the students were privileged to hear advises from such a learned yet young Scholar. This visit certainly was a further encouragement to Bilal Hawza students.


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