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On Saturday 23rd May 2015 (4th Sha’ban 1436), some members on the Board of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania celebrated the Sha’ban wiladahs by organizing a 2 – day Grooming and Growth workshop for women in Ikwiriri. A gala fun day for the children was also another highlight in the village.

Around 32 women inclusive of neighbouring villages of Dimba, Mboga, Msata , Newala and Ikwiriri attended the
workshop at the BMMT centre .
The workshop was facilitated by Sis. Iffet Thawer and assisted by Sis. Ismat
Mukhtar and Sis. Yasmin Nasser.


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The workshop focused on how to develop pro-activeness (UMAKINI) and  positive outlook (MTAZAMO CHANYA) in life.
It was very heartening to see the ‘yearning to learn’ amongst the women including an elderly
lady in her 70’s. Their excitement was clearly visible when they watched various video clips and power point presentations pertaining to the topics.
Adding to the exhilaration was a fun-memory card game that transformed the entire class into a group of very excited children!
By now, a strong rapport between the facilitators and participants had been built.


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Experiment on Umakini in class


This led to an important discussion and confiding of the challenges (CHANGAMOTO) that many of the young ladies
faced in different areas of their lives.
An important aspect of the whole exercise was that the facilitators were able to identify a potential group of young ladies, who, with continuous training and upgrading can InshAllah be a valuable resource group that could be utilised at various centres to uplift the Bilal community morally , spiritually and socially, the very AIM AND GOAL OF BMMT. ALHAMDULILLAH.
The workshop continued for the day with salah and lunch break. After salah tul maghribain the BMMT members were treated to a delicious dinner of rice and fish, a specialty of the area by the warm and hospitable staff of the centre. A long and productive day came to an end with the night prayer under the stars, surrounded by the serenity and fresh air of the environment, the distant sounds of adhaan – a feeling indescribable, something each of us just privately relished and will always cherish.
The next morning saw the continuation of the workshop.
By the end of the 2-day session, there was a clear indication that the women had been motivated to make important changes in their lives.
The strength in ‘unity’ that was emphasized throughout the sessions developed a powerful motto  of-
“PAMOJA TUNAWEZA, PAMOJA TUTAFIKA” (Together we can, together we will get there)
On Sunday, 24th May preparations began early in the morning for the children’s gala fun day with a lot of fervor and excitement.
Board member Minhaal Kassam and his team of volunteers arrived from Dar es Salaam, bringing with them the youthful, vibrant atmosphere and started with the melodious Qasidas and fun-filled games .

“ Under the huge blue canopy,
Sat the beautiful children of Ikwiriri,
Reciting Qasidas of Husayn, Abbas, Ali and Mahdi,
Their sparkling eyes and hearty laughs abound,
Brought tears in the eyes and touched all around,
Your touching exclamations of “Labbayk Ya Mahdi!”
Made us want to come again and again, O children of Ikwiriri”.



Time for games for Children at Madrasatul Kawthar

On the girls’ side, volunteers Anisa Nasser and Nazeema Tharoo Rattansi facilitated fun-filled colour and paste activities based on a hadith of Imam Zamana a.f. The little girls also thoroughly enjoyed other activities like card-making. They were all treated to delicious cake and drinks making it a lovely Khushali celebration.



Activities for children


May Allah (swt) reward all the volunteers and donors for their effort in bringing such joy to the little hearts. After a delicious lunch, gifts were distributed to the kids and food parcels to the members of the staff.

After a vote of thanks in the office by Mowlana Arif Naqavi on behalf of all BMMT members, to all the staff at BMMT centre Ikwiriri, it was time to pack up and say good bye to a wonderful and memorable visit.
Although the two and a half hour drive to Dar es Salaam took almost five hours due to heavy traffic, the memory of the eager, grateful and enlightened ladies, as well as the joyful looks in the children’s faces, made every
minute on the road worth its while and a reason to come back .
INSH’ALLAH a follow-up of the training will continue.

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