BMM Tanzania – Bilal Campus Celebrates Wiladah of Lady Fatimah (SA)

By on July 9, 2015


Bilal Campus, Temeke, celebrated the wiladah of the Holy Lady Fatimah (SA) having a weeklong celebration for different categories of participants starting from 13th April 2014. The slogan was ‘’FATIMAH (SA) – BINTI PEKEE’’ (Fatimah (SA) The Only Daughter).

Two days, 14th and 15th April, were for mothers to celebrate whereby Sister Maysara Ally and Sister Nyembezi gave a talk to the mothers followed by entertaining activities for them to participate in. In the meanwhile, students were making Mothers Day cards for distribution.

Children celebrating Wiladah of Janabe Fatima (AS)

The topic was Lady Fatimah (AS) as the perfect role model, as a wife, a mother, a daughter, her defense of the Wali of the time. They focused on her chastity and modesty and the lessons we can derive from each of her role and how to take practical examples from her life and mould them into our selves.

The students celebrated wiladah on 16th April having a stage program with qasidas and ngojera. A drama on the Holy Lady of the Light portraying charity was acted on and special gifts were awarded to female teachers.

All in all, the celebrations were enlightening as well as spiritually satisfying, to have been able to send the message across that the Holy Lady was the only daughter and a perfect role model for all Muslim women.

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