Quds day held at various BMMT Centers

By on July 3, 2015

From its birth in 1948, Israel has unceasingly and increasingly robbed Palestinian land and oppressed its people. Seeing this evident tyranny, in 1979, Imam Khomeini dedicated an entire day for the expression of solidarity with the people of Palestine and to oppose and direct our efforts towards the eradication of the unjust Zionist state. The International Quds Day has thereafter been an annual event that is held on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan.

This year’s commemoration coincided with Israel’s current military assault on Gaza, in which more than 1000 people have been killed already and many more have been injured. As this genocide continues the people of Gaza are interminably being slain.
The world has chosen to remain silent and is untouched by this brutality. Thus it becomes the duty of everyone to stand for the oppressed people in Palestine and bring to everyone’s attention the remorseless murder that is being committed on a daily basis.


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Regional Sheikh of BAKWATA condems zionism and conglatulates all muslims of different sects for joining hands durin Quds day in Mwanza.

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Quds day held in Arusha


quds7WEST ZONE: Kigoma too stood up for the oppressed in particular people of Palestine.








BILAL MUSLIM MISSION HQ in collaboration with various organizations marked Quds day in a huge procession in Dar es Salaam City


Playing its part, the Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania in its various centers marked QUD’S DAY and marched out to show the world its stand against the genocide and injustice to the peoples of Palestine.

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