Bilal Tanga Presentation Day

By on June 26, 2015

The BMM Tanga Branch held its Annual Prize giving ceremony for all its Hawza and Madrasah students during the holy month of Ramadhan 1435 AH.

Nearly one thousand Madrasah students from 24 centres under BMM – Tanga took part in the terminal exams conducted during the month of Shaaban 1435 A.H.

The top three students in each centre were presented with gifts and the students who achieved the overall top three position in all the centres (i.e. combined top three) walked away with additional gifts. Consolation prize of White kanzu and kofia for boys and Chaadar for girls was presented to all the students who took part in the exams.
80 Hawza students both boys and girls studying in Al-Qaaim Hawza – Tanga and Hawzatul Amir-ul-Mu’mineen in Pangani were also presented with gifts.

This year the lucky student presented with Hajj Ticket was Br. Jumanne Hassan.

BMM – Tanga also organized special classes during the holy month of Shaaban for the elderly people in all its centres, in which they were taught basic principles and fundamentals of the religion and were provided with materials to study by themselves followed by monthly test.

324 senior people participated in the program and at the end they sat for an exam whereby all who achieved over 90% of the marks were awarded with various prizes.

BMM-Tanga conveys its sincere appreciation to all those who donated generously in making this presentation a success.  We pray to Allah S.W.T. to reward them abundantly in this world and the hereafter (Ameen).

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