Bilal Complex Observe Days Of Mourning

By on December 20, 2011

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania marked the days of Muharram, the first month of the lunar calendar with grief in remembrance of the great sacrifice of the grandson of Prophet Muhammed (saww).

Bilal Complex in Temeke as well as Bilal Islamic Centre on Udoe street were privileged to have Syed Aidarus from Lamu Kenya,  to address the gathering on the teachings and philosophy of the Martyrdom of this great soul.

Bilal Complex in Temeke consisting of Bilal comprehensive School (Nursery and Primary School) Ahlul Bait teachers Training College and Bilal Hauza all gathered to attend the classes delivered by the guest speaker as well as Shiekh Jalala whose topics were on Knowing Islam.

Syed Aidarus addressing the crowds at Bilal Islamic Centre discussed  the question “Was Imam Husain Martyred in Kerbala?”and also “The responsibilities of the followers of Imam Husain (as) in the present era.”

The Secretariat of Bilal Muslim Mission forwards its gratitude and prayers to the organizers of the function, the hosts of the distinguished  Guests and all the generous donors who contributed to the event.


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